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Extinguish the fire of joint pain!
Pain-free movement, with Omega Shark!

  • Relieves back & neck pain

  • Restores joints
    and tissue

  • Reduces tension
    and swelling


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  • It relieves painful joints
  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • It reduces swelling
  • It prevents further damage to the joints

“First of all, the cream relieved the pain and tension in my hand”
Magdalena, 48 years old

Why is Omega Shark so effective?

Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate

A healing compound extracted from shark cartilage. It is a natural remedy that stops pain and inflammation, improves joint function and slows progression of joint diseases. It helps damaged joint tissues to be restored back to health.

Sesamum Indicum

It restores and strengthens cartilage and joints by increasing the production of collagen and accelerating healing processes.

Lavandula Angustifolia

It stimulates the production of natural hyaluronic acid, responsible for the health of the cartilages.


It alleviates inflammation and pain in acute joint, cartilage, and ligament conditions.

Cera Alba

It reduces swelling and bruises helping sprains to heal more quickly.

Ruscus Aculeatus

It soothes tension and stiffness in joints and muscle tissue.

How to use Omega Shark ?


Take a small amount
of the cream


Apply it
on the chosen treatment area
(knee, neck, elbow, etc.)


Rub it in
with massaging movements


Wait till the cream
is fully absorbed


Repeat the procedure
2-3 times every day

1 OmegaShark tube contains 100ml of cream. Store in dry & cool places and Keep out of the reach of children.

Get a discount by ordering the product today through our website!

  • OmegaShark is a unique, compeltely natural formula enriched with powerful healing compounds that go deeply into the muscle tissue, cartilage, and joints.
  • It relieves pain, stops aches and helps to get rid of cramps almost instantly. The feeling of warmth and comfort comes fast and stays long.
  • Moreover, with continued use OmegaShark can even remove the causes for backache, muscle and joint pain, sprains, and arthritis. So you can live a life without pain and discomfort.

Customer opinions on Omega Shark:

Magdalena, 48 years old

Verified purchase

When my fingers became sore and swollen, my doctor suggested that I used Omega Shark. I bought it and now I am very glad I took his advice! First of all, the cream relieved the pain and tension in my hand, and then the swelling disappeared, as well. Now I can work properly, housework is not a problem either – I can hardly remember how bad i felt before I started using this method.. I ordered some tubes for my mother, too, and she also appreciates its healing effect.

Ma. Elaine, 50 years old

Verified purchase

I started feeling pain in my ankle after I turned 40 and had to face a disappointing diagnosis – rheumatic arthritis. I tried everything! I wouldn't want to sit, inactive, at this age – I have family and children.. Only this cream, Omega Shark,proved to be a relief! I can recommend this wholeheartedly to those suffering from joint pain, because it really helped me a lot.

Rodrigo, 62 years old

Verified purchase

I heard a lot of positive opinions about the Omega Shark cream, so I decided to try it on my aching knees. I noticed pretty quickly that I could stand up without pain, and the swelling disappeared as well. I continued using the Omega Shark cream and now I feel as if I am a healthy young man again.

Warning! Beware of fake products!

After placing your order via this website you will receive the following:

The original
Omega Shark
cream for joint pain

On a promotional

“First of all, the cream relieved the pain and tension in my hand”
Magdalena, 48 years old


Pain in joints is a very common symptom. Unfortunately it affects people at some time in their lives. Omega Shark spray is designed to help relieving discomfort and soreness in joints.
The secret is in selected natural ingredients. Effective mixture stimulates strengthening the joints and eliminating muscle stress.
The process of easing the pain starts immediately. Just apply the zone of discomfort 2-3 times a day. Use it regularly for greater effect.
Because it's a cream, Omega Shark absorbs through the skin and works long after applied. Its special blend of ingredients are carefully chosen and a better mix than most of Omega Shark competitors.
Based on our research excellent results for both gender have been shown. Yes, it is suitable.
In order to keep the price affordable and avoid expensive pharmacy commissions we sell it only in our official website. Furthermore you can still buy it with 50% discount. For the comfort of our valuable clients payment is upon delivery.

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“First of all, the cream relieved the pain and tension in my hand”
Magdalena, 48 years old